To improve heat dissipation, remember to spray thermal grease between the CPU and the heatsink when you install the PC system. Set “Speaker Configuration” to “Quadraphonic” or “Stereo”. Fasten the card to the chassis with screws. Installing a n expansion card Step 1. ASRock assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this guide. Keep the screws for later use. Unlock a D I M M slot by pressing t h e retaining clips outward.

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About the setting of “Hyper Threading Technology”, please check page 30 3. Rotate the load plate to fully open position at approximately degrees.

Remove the bracket facing the slot that y o u intend to use.

GAGCM-S2L (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Carefully place the CPU into the socket by using a purely vertical motion. More detailed information of the motherboard can be found in t h e user manual presented in the Support C D.

Please short pin2, pin3. Repeat with remaining fasteners. Products and corporate names appearing in this guide may or may not be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective companies, and are used only for identification 94gcm-s explanation and to the owners’ benefit, without intent to infringe.

Please follow the instruction in our manual and chassis manual to install your system.


If no jumper cap is placed on pins, the jumper 945gcms- “Open”. It is a menu-driven program, which allows you to scroll through its various sub-menus and to select among the predetermined choices. Before you resume the system, please check if the CPU fan on the motherboard functions properly and unplug the power cord, then plug it back again.

This motherboard supports Dual Channel Memory Technology.

When you discard the Lithium battery in California, USA, please follow the related regulations in advance. If you want to have more information about the usage of these headers, please refer to the content of this quick installation guide for details.

O p e n the socket: Therefore, the drivers y o u install can w o r k properly. It should be done at your own risk and expense. Please follow the order from up to bottom side to install those required xsus. Unlock a D I M M slot by pressing t h e retaining clips outward. S e c u 954gcm-s e load lever with load p l a t e tab under retention tab of load lever. 945gccm-s don’t need to connect them for AC’97 audio panel.

Specifications and information contained in this guide are furnished for informational use only and subject to change without notice, and should not be constructed as a commitment by ASRock.


If you use AC’97 audio panel, please install it to the front panel audio header as below: If you install only one memory module or two non-identical memory modules, it is unable to activate the 945gfm-s Channel Memory Technology. Otherwise, it will operate at single channel mode. Please refer to page 14 for proper jumper settings.

Asrock 945GCM-S 1.20 motherboard BIOS – AM79HA9I

Please select “Mixer ToolBox” ;click “Enable playback multi-streaming”, and click “ok”. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: In other words, it is able to provide exceptional power saving and improve power efficiency without sacrificing computing performance. C l o s e the socket: The data in CMOS includes system setup information such as system password, date, time, and system setup parameters. Please select “Front Mic” as default record device.

Rotate the load lever to fully o p e n position at approximately degrees. Step 1 – 1. Verify that the C P U is within the socket and properly mated to t h e orient keys. Align fasteners with the m o t h e r b o a r d throughholes.