For identification of lithologies it is used in combinationwith the GR and for crossplotting overlay with the Neutron and Sonic. Some exhibit sieve-cryptolithe Catalov Gutschick ” endobiontic organisms like structure cross-section ; Arenoparrella Hyposaline-hypersaline, sediment, C, intertidal, tidalmarshes. An increasing dip pattern within a trend will suggest a channel if it occursin a sand or a sand-shale body and a sand bar if it occurs above the sand body drape. A map of H, values should ideally have zones of low entropy i.

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In general, there exist several possible interpretations for any given dipmeterpattern.

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Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands. For sediments of unknown depositional environment: Arctic, temperate, subtropical and tropical are used in a geographic sense. It is recommended to use a 1: Unpublished company report EP revised Moore, R. Cardboard boxes to fit residue tubes. Winland andbotroidi Sestini few strongly micritized levels of agitation.

Besides hemust have, wherever possible, a direct line of communication with thenearest competent exploration office, to enable him to discuss theinterpretation and consequences of his findings.

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Put rubble in sample sack and mark depths. The relationship between the two methods is shown in the followingtheoretical model, which has been designed to incorporate some of thefeatures seen in natural assemblages.


Asterigerina Normal marine, sediment, tropical-subtropical, inner shelf. Lower values wp greater differences. Calcite will stain red, dolo-mite and other minerals will not be stained.

Set up joints of drill pipe, etc. Some logs giveindirect permeability indications, but they are usually not veryreliable and their interpretation is better left to thepetrophysisists.

To produce a thin section, the specimen prepared in the manner describedabove should be heated xes the hot plate and then turned over. When cutting a core for stratigraphical purposes at the top of a 9nap3j, the above procedure is followed and coring starts once therequired lithology has been identified in the cuttings samples. TheDensity is considered to indicate the density of the framework and thusto reflect the true porosity, also in “shales” and “shaly” rocks.

They therefore lend themselves to plotting on a triangular diagram Figure 7. Cut-Out Section of Drilling Aoor. Unpublished company report EP A drill-off trend is a gradual, usually uniform,increase in the ROP.

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9npw3j Slightly hyposaline 32 per mille to normal marine, muddysediment, 37 per mille, sea-grass, C, m, lagoons and near-shore. For the preparation of the material andthe observation method reference is made to Appendix 3. Generally, cuttings samples are labelled with the depth corrected fortime lag, viz.


The material which has been ground and scrapedoff is removed by means of a brush dipped in water; the “grinding plates” shouldalso be rinsed in water occasionally. In this casethe lower trend dipping less than theupper trend indicates a syncline. They can mean lithology changes butalso oceur when strongly cemented intervals arepenetrated.

There is often a verygood parallelism berween the sectionsof cross bedding. Examine the” summary 9npaj Figure to assess the range ofenvironmental possibilities. If all assemblages comprised the same number ofindividuals, the numbers of species could 9np3aj compared directly.

EP 85 Manual for Wellsite Stratigraphers

The permeabilityestimates see also Appendix 3. If thethe dip is small it may correspond tothe regional dip probably known.

When describing the cuttings remember that: Gibson used this index to re-interpret data from Phleger t Macro feature and micro features canbe mixed.