EPoX has used its new white box scheme with the logo and name on the front. Many manufacturers include rounded cables that are rigid, or just shrink-wrapped standard IDE cables. This is to ensure that the processor and memory do not hold the EP-MF SLI motherboard back, remember we’re trying to test the top speed of the motherboard here. If you need the parallel port you will have to purchase and install the bracket yourself, one is not included. So what options available that won’t break the budget when it comes to a dual videocard motherboard? The cable set that comes with this board is pretty basic.

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Like any electrical device, keeping it cool is a good idea.

ASUS M2N32-SLI & Epox MF570SLI: AM2 Wunderkinder

epos In order to stabilize the situation the HyperTransport multiplier needed to be lowered from 5x, to 4x. The nForce SLI chipset voltage can be increased to 1. Previous Page Next Page. If you only plan on running a single videocard, insert it into the orange PCI Express x16 slot. This distinction may exist in the future, but it is just not a reality with today’s top graphics cards.

EPoX has used its new white box scheme with the logo and name on the front. Lastly we get to the additional features that EPoX add to the board. There are two manuals. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Epox: Features & Board Layout – ASUS M2NSLI & Epox MFSLI: AM2 Wunderkinder

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. The nice thing about computers is that if you do your homework, you can buy yourself a very modular system from the start, which can be ‘renovated’ later in life without much fuss. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. The first is a bright coloured System Installation manual that gives you in very basic terms the layout of the board and how to get it into your chassis as well as getting it running with LED and switch headers.


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Epox EP-MF SLI nForce SLI Motherboard Review –

It’s a win win situation really. Epox was one of the first manufacturers to bring these kinds of tool to enthusiasts, and it’s great to see them make their way down to the mainstream products such as this nForce SLI based platform. The second IDE channel and floppy connector could have been situation in a somewhat better position, one that wouldn’t block 5700 Port 80 readout perhaps? Those who point out that Intel and NVIDIA have made optical drives a nightmare with the eopx use of SATA optical drives that generally don’t exist will be happy to see a manufacturer that listens to what they want.

It’s not a necessary step, but will assist cooling and they do look pretty nice too. The guide is written in plane english so novice users should find the whole process of putting a computer together manageable.


And that is the point of rounded IDE cables, is it not?

EPoX EP-MF570 SLI – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce 570 SLI

Tweaking and tuning can be a lot of fun, just write down what you’ve changed between each benchmark setting or you’ll quickly loose your place. What we mean by artificial is the fact that you will be hard pressed to find any real evidence in today’s market that dual X16 SLI can outperform dual X8 5570. If you want to run a couple GeForce GX2 cards on this board, however, you can’t as they need full speed slots.

Teaming that option up with awesome overclocking potential lead to many Epox motherboards breaking speed records Unfortunately no floppy is included for the F6 Windows XP drivers.

The Port 80 reference codes are on pages in the manual. The Port 80 diagnostics standard has been around for over a decade and is more useful than custom diagnostic Spox or beeps.

Now its down to the board. Some are bare as a new borns bum but pack a real punch.

The second manual is a full detailed setup of the board explaining its features as well as BIOS settings and software settings. What were you thinking EPoX? You can find products similar to this one for sale below.