More consistency less spin and better distance with what feels to be lighter club. High, low, left, or right — this driver will respond like a finely tuned sports car. All told, these drivers really impressed me. All good since I am 55 years old. This is one fine club.

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As a general rule, one way to lower your ball flight and spin is to use a stiffer overall shaft with a lower lofted head. As for distance I thought I had lost some distance at first, but that was due to my swing taking a turn for the worse with my driver. I have never been more pleased with a club in all tjtleist my life.

Shannon, not sure how to respond.

Mens Left Hand Shaft: This D1 club is truly amazing. The D1 is perhaps the loudest driver Titleist has ever made, but as with the D2 and titlrist due to the all-titanium construction, both drivers still sound rather good. Overall I very very pleased with my purchase and will definitely be using Golf Bidder again very soon.

Titleist D2 Driver. Titleist die-hards will love it, but we think there are better drivers out there for the same money.


It is forgiving and ball crushing at the same time. I hit the ball straighter and longer than I have in years.

Titleist 907 D2 9.5* Driver Stiff Value

Once you have the right combination of shaft and head that puts you in the proper range launch angle and spinhit some balls on the range to make sure you can control it soft draws and fades vs. Who do I contact if I have questions about my trade-in? The launch monitor and profesional advice from the Titleist fitter moved me into a configuration with the D1 model that was counter intuitive to where I thought I should be.

So people who have hit both the d1 and d2, did you notice that the d1 was more forgiving than the d2?

Titleist D2 Driver

I never had that feeling with the E. Great reviews and great insight. Before this weekend, I had a horrible slice and could not figure out how to correct it — and titlejst it did go straight, I could drive for — yards. How rewarding is that. Do you know which stock shaft on either the D1 or D2 will keep the ball flight a little lower for me on an 8.

tirleist I am testing a I also think that the many shaft options Titleist offers is a huge advantage. I went ahead and started full swings and found great results. Just moved to D1 after 2 very happy years with an R5. The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course.


Titleist 907D1 and 907D2 Driver Review

The R was itself an evolution of the T, and I was always more comfortable with its sibling, the S — the lower spinning, deeper-faced driver of the pair. It was a Iron sets must contain a minimum of five 5 consecutive clubs with matching shafts, including a Pitching Wedge.

I have just been bought a D1 by my company for my retirement. So erik, if you had a decision between the d1 or the d comp which would you pick?

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Titleist D2 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 70 reviews –

Freaking cast your doubts aside and try it. But not so fast! I am a mid-teens handicap and compared with the the R I have been playing, the D2 suits me better.