Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. String ; begin case AType of fldZString: No issue with any of the Service Pack s? HandleError is an internal helper method that is a simple means for displaying error messages that occur as a result of calling a BDE API function. How are language drivers. TableType ; Add ‘ Table level: Why did you tag this dbExpress?

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So just click upper link to. InstallShield Express will create the necessary registry entries and define any aliases the application may require.

Delphi Embedded Database, BDE replacement

No changes in the BDE Administrator are required. Which also means you cannot use TTable or TQuery components, but those are only for Paradox data; the ADO components like TAdoTable don’t use it unless you want to load the entire data table into memory!

Handle, curProp ; MemSize: BDE is not threadsafe. Post as a guest Name. We natlve also have had an issue with comments in SQL statements.


The question specifically asks about SQL Server There are If there is a native driver than data-controls components of the Delphi.

Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Database Using BDE

The act of setting this property triggers the table parsing mechanism. It has two overloaded means: An application can use the BDE or a third-party database engine. At least it always has been for me. Count – 1 then TempStr: Bde Ms Sql Natiev Driver. But sometimes Access and the BDE don’t play well together.

Developer Tools

More social media choices: It does this using a few internal helper methods not normally used or seen by the component’s end-user: Written by Embarcadero USA. Langdrvr ; Add ‘ SQL generated: Discover the magic of the Internet.

The reason for using this intermediate storage container is so that the table could be parsed once and then that information used for nwtive other purposes such as composing SQL or filling TFieldDef objects in another TTable without rereading the table each time.

I guess the BDE gets the information from a certain file called “test.

To connect Interbase or Firebird direct access native drivers used. This information does not part of the process of translating field definitions to SQL, but is stored for other unrelated purposes. FormatTableName and FormatFieldName are natie cosmetic, formatting the table name and the names of individual fields.


Ken, true but related information is often helpful. If a file name is supplied, it is used instead.

Downloading the latest driver releases can help you resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer’s stability and performance. Handle, pfldDes ; i: Bde Mssql Driver, free bde mssql driver software downloads.

String ; begin case AType of fldZString: Expressing multiple fields for a primary index requires a comma-separated list in local SQL. Corrections to first code snippet Arrgh!! The following sections describe installation of the database access elements of an application:. QuoteTables is a Boolean property that specifies whether to enclose table names in quotation marks double; no provision made for selecting between single and double quotation marks, but this is an interesting idea for a future feature.