Klaptopdaemon I then reinstalled the klaptopdaemon, and the keys still does not work, but I can monitor my battery power. Laptops by Justin Jaffe 2 days ago. This is what happens: Also you’ll need to install acpid , if it isn’t present on your system. ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software for Windows 8. Kpowersave Then I tried just powersaved, but it gives the described weird behavior, so I think this package is broken concerning these machines all or most IBM Thinkpads probably.

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Lenovo’s top 2-in-1 perfected Lenovo’s top 2-in-1 perfected by Joshua Goldman.

ibm-acpi – IBM ThinkPad ACPI Extras Driver

ACPI events are now distributed through the kernel’s input event framework, making acpid redundant and, ultimately, obsolete. Power Power Consumption Operational. Try closing the lid. I can confirm this on my T42p running up to date Edgy. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Kpowersaved gives the exact same result iibm expected since it uses powersaved as its basis.

I don’t know where this bug resides. ThinkVantage System Update 3. All thinkpad special keys worked fine,but they don’t be functioned any more after upgrading to 7.

I will have to take a closer look at this later, for now I can at least use the buttons, the menu I just will have to leave untouched until the mentioned KDE bug is solved, then both options will give me sleep–or maybe someone has fixed that too by then: Confirm for a T43p on Edgy and Feisty. Release 11 Disk 1 of 18 2. It includes a specific example for going to sleep on lid close.


Moving away the btn files and then sim linking them as follows fixed my sleep problem but not my hibernate r50w Tablets by Joshua Goldman Dec 13, This bug report is a duplicate of: Gnome in Ubuntu is configured in such a way, that the keypresses are trapped this is correctapropriate volume window is displayed correct and Gnome volume control is modified.

Lenovo’s top 2-in-1 perfected.

Aci also leads to weird cases where turning up the gnome volume all the way via the slider won’t make it go all the way up, and one has to use the key to go all the way to the top, and then bring it back down from there.

Add tags Tag help. Take a look here: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. On another note, interestingly, after reinstalling alsa, my buttons work correctly, even without ib patch.

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If not, you must enable ACPI support in your kernel. Windows Vista update module KB – Notebooks It locks the screen and I am not able to log in again, no matter what password I give it tells me it is wrong.


I used it in gutsy to launch a terminal, but now when I try to map the acpii it doesn’t even register and give a number. Current behaviour results in volume being changed twice – for example if I press the volume up button, I get volume reduction via Gnome sound mixer plus volume reduction via hardware control.

It doesn’t appear to be an artifact from the above bug, as xev detects it, I get an OSD, and I can rebind the key. ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software acp Windows 8.

Lenovo ThinkPad R50e (Think Express Program) Series

Networking Max Transfer Rate. However changing the “sleep. I guess only some R series notebooks R31 etc. Critical patch for Rescue and Recovery 4. Suspend to RAM then eems to do what it’s supposed to, also from this menue, but suspend to disk just does exactly the same.