It does not reduce dynamics the most common problem , does not sound anaemic equally common or boring and nondescript. This quality alone marks the Hex a hero in its own price range. Shopping cart Your cart is empty Please add some products to your cart. The nice thing that they buy an hardware from a guy that is the same one that has done the apple driver and take for it 6 months. Further it can be hard to find the best device. Did M2Tech or Metrum back then promised their drivers to be Maverick ready?

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Expect most improvements with micro signals resulting in better space retrieval around acoustic instruments including recorded venue acoustics. Think sparkling mineral water flow for Octave but champagne cascade for the Hex. Furthermore, no driver is required for both Mavericks or Linux.

Further it can be hard to find the best device. The Hex exposed an abundance of timbral information obfuscated by the Micromega unit. Everything was there but it did not evoke in me the kind of emotions the Italian converter did.

The tone of a well clocked device is deeper, warmer, fleshier, better differentiated and more natural. Whilst your unit was in transit we evaluated the and decided to deliver both options”. Then we get dense treble, a correct cymbals body with true weight. More specifically, warmth communicated as humidity rather than direct sunlight.


Considering the quality I was intending to buy a hiFace then a coaxial-to-optical adapter, though it sounds like a mess Carat Ruby only odm optical digital input.

I confirmed this to be true. Have a look at Jaguar. Since the launch of the Mavericks OS, however, the driver supplied by M2tech was instantly outdated.

M2Tech promised to write a new one quick smart but six months down the line they have yet to deliver on that promise. The shape of Young’s guitar was drawn first with transient edge, then filled with deeply saturated tonal colours. So there are limits to the DAC’s jitter handling.

USB DAC 1 – Hi-Resolution System

Shopping cart Your cart is empty Please add some products to your cart. The takeaway from this takeaway meal is that you have seasoning options at order time. I f Maverick makes former drivers by design incompatibletheir designers are to blame, and indirectly a calculated risk for those who accepts the consequences of teh new OS by buying it.

Then a few bars of a track are enough to unmask the pretender sound and get on with the new.

Metrum Acoustics drop M2Tech as USB OEM, announce new module

A slightly different type of sonic change can be wrought with power supply improvements. It does not reduce dynamics the most common problemdoes not sound anaemic equally common or m2tehc and nondescript. It remains whip-crack fast. Direct USB was peachy keencooler and leaner than indirect data transfer.


m22tech Perhaps not superior to the very best such devices but beyond the elite and farther down the price list it now was very competitive. What would be a decent USB-to-optical solution for Mavericks? View in large image. Although M2tech has undertaken the task to develop a new driver that would work with Mavericks, after several months with no news it was too risky to wait even longer. The orm commentary will be published on Digital Audio Review.

For Windows XP, 7 or 8 a driver is available. Its tone was deeper, fuller, had far more energy and also was more tangible and complete. Such a shift from technology to content and is human interaction is a good thing. This online shop is accessible only to those countries where there m2tehc not a distributor affiliated with M2Tech. It was less involving. This was an expensive DAC and I feel like Metrum has done very little in the k2tech of staying in touch with their customers ME about how this problem was to be addressed.

Microdynamic shifts were rendered with similar inside-out pressure.