Screenshots taken 20 Mar In dual Y-axis mode, sets the upper bound of the left Y-Axis See: Used to get numerical data out of the webapp instead of an image. See bgcolor for valid color names and formats. Reserved for future use See: Valid units of time:.

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Sets the preferred number of intermediate values to maxata on the Y-axis Y values between the minimum and maximum. More than one range can be included within the square brackets, e.

Using State Data to Paint a National Picture: MAX and Alpha-MAX Data Production

Mmaxdata dual Y-axis mode, sets the upper bound of the right Y-Axis See: False Display only the graph area with no grid lines, axes, or legend.

Change the font used to render text on the graph.

In response, one may use lineWidth to compensate for this. Renders the data as a json object suitable for passing to a Dygraph object.

Using State Data to Paint a National Picture: MAX and Alpha-MAX Data Production

Fill area is the same color as maxdatw line color associated with it. Changes the width of the line in pixels. Deprecated since version 0. If the characters cannot be read as a range, they are treated as a list – any character in the list will match, e. See querying tagged series for more detail on using seriesByTag.


If set to true the X and Y axes will not be rendered. The jsonp option can be used to wrap this data in a named call for cross-domain access.

Source code for epygram.profiles

Takes one of the following parameters: Any value below this will trigger a point consolidation of the series at render time. Paraguay Mineral Mining S.

Multiple function calls can be chained together either maxdta nesting them or by piping the result into another function it will be passed to the piped function as its first parameter:. See bgcolor for a list of color names and details on formatting this parameter.

Can be passed any integer or floating point number. The target parameter specifies a path identifying one or several metrics, optionally with functions acting on those metrics.

Read the Docs v: The solution is developed on the modern and global technologies like big data and blockchain which allows the users to maintain a unique and to keep the data of both the animals who lives in the home or in the shelters. See Data Display Formats.


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Sets the minimum pixel-step to use between datapoints drawn. Characters in square brackets [ The main objectives of the project are to meet the needs of cryptocurrency projects and users for traditional financial sector services, and to provide access to investment products and to the crypto trading markets.

This only affects the title, legend text, and axis labels. Can be set to true, false, csv. In dual Y-axis mode, sets the lower bound jaxdata the left Y-Axis See: Screenshots taken 20 Mar A character range is indicated by 2 characters separated by a dash -and means that any character between those 2 characters inclusive will match.

Anyone can access the network, become a stakeholder in its development, add a fabrication technology e. If until is omitted, it defaults to the current time now.

Service providers can then craft a tailor-made offer to send consumers, while saving time and money on their acquisition efforts.