Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. The icon will be shown for 2 seconds to remind you of it, then it will be hidden unless you press the Shutter again. The only difference between full resolution and by is in time and memory card space. Unfortunately, once you pop the glass off, the lens proper is still surrounded by the plastic the glass mounted to. In stutter-vision mode the camera’s overlaying consecutive frames on top of each other, so it probably has a de facto exposure that’s twice as long again. My review camera came with an oddly corrupted memory card; it caused the camera to display its “NO CARD” warning and then promptly turn itself off.

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Super-toy-cams aren’t dirt cheap keyring trinkets like the tiniest toy-cams, and if all you want to do is shoot stills then the basic Kodak or Olympus is a better choice. The other thing I noticed is that the DV ain’t no three megapixel camera.

But no toy-cam is, and cheap consumer cameras are often pretty lousy in the response-speed department too. No menu-diving to change quality mode, either; there’s a button for that, too.

A couple of example Video Clips, which has been processed by VideoStudio, are in the Mustek folder in the software directory. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

I don’t know how consistent the focal distance of other DVs is likely to be. That’s a square of what looks like perfectly ordinary glass over the lens. Toy-cams generally have lenses no better than those on cheap webcams; this means many shots have nasty circular distortion effects around the edges.


And yes, that’s only 1. Since the low price for USB1.

Mustek DV Manuals

It even holds the settings if it loses power; pop the battery door for as long as you like and the quality settings still stick. However unlike most other cheap cameras it can record video with sound at a quite reasonable 15 frames per second and is designed to look like a miniature video camera.

Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 19, A walk through wood land with the dogs was a bit of a mess, well actually it was a total mess and the result was really a case of spot the moving blob.

Super-toy-cams aren’t as silly as they look, though. The DV’s video clip resolution, like that of the earlier super-toy-cams I’ve reviewed, is by Also included there is a copy of KinoAmp that can be used to play the video back. There is also a very slight blurring and close examination of the image revealed the tell tale signs of JPEG mystek that has been turned up a little too high. To dg out more information about this item or other products and services, please call or email Walthamstow.

When I did my usual indoor test shots with the DV, at ranges of a metre or less, I got hopelessly blurry results.


We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. By toy-cam standards, this picture is a revelation. These “super-toy-cams” have the basic problems of dg baby digicams.


Many toy-cams forget their kustek whenever you turn them off, and default to the same mode every time you fire them up again. Also like them, it spits out MJPEG-compressed AVI files which most Windows users should be able to play with no trouble those trapped in codec error hell are cordially requested to direct their kind enquiries to one William H.


If you just have RISC OS then the extra video features are no use so you might as well buy a camera without video support but that takes better photos. It managed decent exposure, perfectly good white balance, and good low light results, too.

CompactFlash is the choice of professional photographers, partly because of its greater physical robustness and partly because of the ultra-capacity cards now available – 1Gb cards are common these days, and 2 and even 3Gb models are available. The only difference between full resolution and by is in time and memory card space. A little bean-bag is helpful in situations like this. Movie Mode lets you take sound videos.

Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all by Lori Grunin. Please enter what you see below: Want to take better photos and videos?